The Trouble with Dukes - Grace Burrowes

The Trouble with Dukes Book

By Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2016-12-20
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 270 Ratings
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Description Book The Trouble with Dukes

The Trouble with Dukes a book written by Grace Burrowes genre Historical enjoy.

the book The Trouble with Dukes was published in 2016-12-20.

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  • True Love and Matchmaking

    By math wizard
    An excellent well written love story! Hamish MacHugh has become a duke. Him and his brother,Colin and sisters are in London for more than just clothes. Now Megan Windham is related to many well connected people who enjoy a bit of matchmaking. She has a problem which needs solving and through meeting Hamish will be resolved ! Such interesting plot twists and surprises! The mystery is excellent, the humor is outstanding and the romance is perfection! Megan will surprise you but the book will keep you entertained!
  • Very slow, not appealing ... boring.

    By Pao42
    Make character does t make sense, very slow moving, not very romantic for a romance novel, very boring.
  • Book needs a rewrite

    By Arbolita Bonita
    Very poorly written. The author was trying too hard to make the story a romantic tale. I found myself wondering if it was the authors first book and if she had simply followed the “romance formula” for book writing. The book needs a rewrite.
  • The Trouble with Dukes

    By texasfan2011
    One of the best romance novels I have read in many months. I would say it's the best I've read all year but it's January 4th and that does not give Grace Burrows the honor she is due. It's an unusual story line and I had a bit of trouble following the military terminology but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed every page.
  • Captivating

    By pegg12
    The Trouble with Dukes is an engaging and entertaining historical fiction romance. Megan felt bullied by Sir Fletcher. He was blackmailing her, saying that there would be consequences if she refused to marry him. He was just about to drop and break her eye glasses, when Colonel MacHugh, the new Duke of Murdoch, came to her rescue. Hamish MacHugh wasn’t looking forward to his newly acquired responsibilities as the Duke of Murdoch. He was especially agonizing over the duty of escorting his sisters to the balls during the London Season. Hamish didn’t have the slightest idea of what the proper rules of etiquette in polite society were. Megan Windham, however, saved him from embarrassment. She agreed to teach him the fine art of small talk, and how to waltz. The more time Megan spent with Hamish, the more attractive, she found him. She was aware of his troubled past and his ruthless acts in war. Megan knew that people referred to him as the Duke of Murder, a barbarian with a violent and unstable temper. But, to her, the Duke was an honest and true gentleman, and Megan was quickly falling in love with him. Hamish was homesick for Scotland but didn’t want to leave London, without the woman he loved. He would do anything for Megan, even murder. The author immerses the reader deep into the world of aristocrats, Dukes, Earls, Lords, and their wives. The Trouble with Dukes is a well-written and captivating story. Many thanks to the publisher, and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.
  • A duke without social graces?!

    By Ghost Plane
    I received an advance copy from the publisher in a drawing and I'm so glad! Poor Duke of Murder has a bad rep thanks to another officer who came home all spit and polish from the back of the lines. He never expected to inherit and suddenly he's managing about as well as any of us would if suddenly shoved onto one of those Real Housewives glamor shows. Add a duke's daughter who ran afoul of getting herself into her century's version of sexting and you get great lines like, "They exchanged That Look, the one that said he'd Done It Again, though nobody ever bothered to tell a man what IT might be." The author could have turned this into a farce or a romp. Because she played it straight and you feel the impact on her characters' lives and live it with them, it's simply AWESOME. Pages into it, I locked the door, turned off my phone and indulged in a marathon of reading, surfacing only for bathroom breaks and snatched munchies. No wild action or breathless chase scenes. This writer paints the sort of self-centered, thoroughly entitled villains that any of us could meet or date today while keeping them true to their time and culture. The characters are both relatable and addictive. We all know veterans with hearts of gold and PTSD who would need more than a change of clothes to fit onto the society circuit. I wish I could leave a review as glowing as this author's words. She makes you FEEL the people of her stories. Don't start her book on a weeknight unless you have time off coming to you. This book starts so quietly and you think, "I'll just read a chapter" and suddenly it's tomorrow and you're late for everything.