No Other Duke Will Do - Grace Burrowes

No Other Duke Will Do Book

By Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2017-11-07
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 127 Ratings
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Description Book No Other Duke Will Do

No Other Duke Will Do a book written by Grace Burrowes genre Historical enjoy.

the book No Other Duke Will Do was published in 2017-11-07.

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  • My least favorite of hers...

    By Annaliese Nikole
    It felt like there were whole segments missing from the storyline, and it jumped around too much to make sense half the time. I love her other books, so this was surprising.
  • Always a Delight

    By LindaByrd
    I’ve come to expect top quality from Grace Burrowes and she has never failed in producing it. This is a lovely story, lovingly told. No great drama here, but watching the couple grow in their love for good reasons was a delight. I also liked watching the “bad guy” evolve. Sherbourne and Charlotte are going to be a riot. Thank you, Grace Burrowes, for another fine addition to the Windham family.
  • A Delight!

    By Peg1951
    No Other Duke Will Do is an absolute delight. The hero and heroine, Julian St. David, Duke of Haverford and Elizabeth Windham meet and fall in love at a house party held at Castle Haverford. He is responsible, caring and honorable. He is also deeply in debt left to him by his father and grandfather. He has one of the grandest libraries in the kingdom, also left to him by his father and grandfather. She is the oldest of four sisters who are the nieces of Percival Windham, Duke of Moreland. She and her sister Charlotte are at the party ostensibly to find husbands, although neither will be disappointed if they don’t. She is kind, caring, and loves books. The books provide a common interest and the beginning to a beautiful story, one that starts with friendship and becomes so much more. While the hero and heroine are a strong engaging couple, they are not alone. Friends and family who love and support them, and make the story entertaining, humorous – complete, surround them. I particularly liked the girls’ Aunt Arabella, Julian’s bother Griffin, and Lord Radnor. They provided more than a touch of wisdom and humor to the story. However, there is a villain. Lucas Sherbourne, whose family has held St. David family notes for several generations, is determined to ruin Julian because doesn’t approve of a mining plan for the area. The story is set in the lush rolling hills of Wales. The descriptions of which make you feel you are there. What Sherbourne needs is a good smack on the back of the head. What Julian needs is a way to appease Sherbourne and relieve his debt. Several solutions are suggested. Which will be chosen? In the end what we have here is, as the song says, just an old fashion love song, exactly what you expect from Grace Burrowes. She does not disappoint. I am looking forward to the next book. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. The review is voluntary.
  • Superbly Written

    By pegg12
    No Other Duke Will Do is a delightful historical fiction novel, written with elegance and sharp wit. Grace Burrowes has the talent of transporting the reader with ease, into the world of aristocrats. She crafts her characters, dialogue, and scenes, with authentic details and flair. No Other Duke Will Do, takes place at the Haverford Castle in Wales. Julian St. David, the Duke of Haverford, was on the verge of ruin. His father and grandfather had made poor business choices, and their loans weighed heavily on the Duke’s shoulders. Julian’s sister, Lady Glenys, insisted that her idea of hosting a three-week house party was a brilliant one. She needed to find and marry a wealthy titled man. And it was about time for Julian to snag a well-connected Lady, and be about the business of creating an heir. Glenys planned on inviting only the richest and most esteemed titled guests. Although the party would add to Julian’s money worries, Glenys was hoping that the end result would be worth it. Despite the expense of his sister’s scheme, Julian had no intention of seeking a woman to be the next Duchess of Haverford. Besides, who would want a man drowning in debt, titled or not? Lady Elizabeth Windham and her sister Charlotte were quite content with the prospect of becoming spinsters. The two sisters enjoyed their singleness and were in no hurry to shackle themselves to men. Attending, the Haverford Castle’s party was their parent’s idea, not theirs. However, love and romance was in the air, and one of the Windham sisters just might find herself caught in its embrace. And, as with any aristocrat three-week house party, there would be heartbreak, complications, scandalous activities, and, of course, new found love. This is a multilayered novel that has several love stories woven into its tapestry. One of my favorite characters is Griffin, the Duke’s intellectually challenged brother. Griffin is a love. He is innocent, kind, honest, and funny, and he captured my heart. His unique personality is so superbly crafted in this book, that it jumps off the page. I thoroughly enjoyed; No Other Duke Will Do. It’s captivating, heartwarming, and utterly engrossing. Thank you, Grand Central Publishing-Forever and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.