xo, Zach - Kendall Ryan

xo, Zach Book

By Kendall Ryan

  • Release Date: 2018-01-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 256 Ratings
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Description Book xo, Zach

xo, Zach a book written by Kendall Ryan genre Contemporary enjoy.

the book xo, Zach was published in 2018-01-23.

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  • Good job

    By Taikaii
    What a great story. I love Kendall Ryan. This story shows a lot of truth amongst single mothers. It also shows that single mothers can have their happily ever after. Zach is one of a kind. A typical guy with his dirty mouth but a complete gentleman who has goals in life,overall. I enjoyed the fact that neither had to sacrifice their dreams for love. The ultimate winner is the open acceptance of a package deal. Great read.
  • XO, XO, XO Zach!!!!!!😍😘

    By LatersBaby7
    Wow, what a sweet, sexy story. Loved Zach and Poppy’s story probably before Poppy did! Conner was a cutie and held my heart. Kody and Jodee were the comic relief. Wouldn’t mind having them for neighbors. Zach’s mom was irreverent but added flavor to the story. I would love to have a part two because I just didn’t want it to end. Thank you, Kendall. You never disappoint!❤️😀🙏
  • xo, Zach

    By BellaBean
    1 star at most
  • Had promise, but...

    By GiGi9868
    Reviews were good. The sample was good, but.... There were situations that just didn't make any sense. The whole conversation at the coffee house when the friends showed up was just weird. She never called them on it? Actually apologized to them for being upset?? She really had no idea who put the poem in her bag?? Actually considered her gay friend did it before ever thinking it was Zach?? I didn't get too far into this book before I had to just stop reading. I feel like I wasted my money...
  • Poppy & Zach

    By Aylewysis
    I’ve enjoyed Kendall Ryan’s writing for some time & xo, Zach is no exception. One small issue with Poppy’s name. Poppy is an unusual name, but I can’t imagine Poppy’s parents coming up with the name. Not when Poppy states they insist she can’t do something and should take a mediocre “stable” job. Parents like that I expect a more common name. I’d expect a Poppy named by someone more like Zach’s mom, the mom with no filter. But that's beside the point. xo, Zach is wonderfully charming and sexy as can be. I enjoyed the instant attraction between Zach & Poppy. I was enchanted when Zach tucked the first poem in her bag, but I was a little disappointed we didn't "see" any others, just a couple light references that it continues. Kody, Jodee and Zach's mom add some fun comedy relief when things get a bit tense, but hey, that's what family and good friends are for. Oh! Can't forget Connor! He is such an adorable kid. Overall, this book was another fantastic read from Ms. Ryan. I'm finding myself enjoying single parent type stories, so I'm truly looking forward to her next book, Mister Tonight.
  • Beautiful story!

    By Geynar G.
    I’m in love with this story. It had me hooked from the first page. Zach and Poppy’s story is sweet, funny and oh so hot. Zach and Poppy meet at a party and spark where everywhere, but Poppy had sworn off man and Zach wasn’t really looking for anything. After Zach and Poppy kisses, he just couldn’t get her out of his head. But what where the chances of them seeing each other again? Zach turns up to be Poppy’s new school advisor and well things just get a bit complicated. Their chemistry is off the charts and every time they are together this two are amazing. But would Zach risk his job for the one person he thought he would never see again. Will Poppy change her mind about Zach and open up to him. Lovely story, Zach and Poppy are an amazing couple that I seriously rooted all the way to the end. 5 amazing starts read!!!
  • Great concept...but boring

    By Natratalie86
    Sadly didn’t keep my attention. I tried to get through it but stopped halfway. Usually a big fan of Kendall Ryan’s work
  • Pure Perfection!

    By dcjayhawk
    It is certainly no secret that I FLOVE Kendall Ryan!! I pre-order all of her books and I’ve read everything she’s written. “XO, Zach was pure perfection!! I think I fell in-love with Zach maybe even before Poppy did...he was just so swoon-worthy and just so...Everything! And Poppy was everything I love in a heroine. “The truth was, I fell more in love with her with each passing day. Our story wasn’t yet complete, but with each new chapter we wrote, I found that I never wanted it to end.” SWOON ♥️
  • Zach and poppy

    By Zuzu1915
    Freaking loved the book. Zach was so hot but very smart and sweet and protective and his mom is a total riot.. poppy was insecure at times but she did the unexpected at the party which changed her life forever..
  • Sexy and swoony

    By Finchelfanforever
    The blurb for this book had me swooning and I knew I HAD to read it. Once I started it I didn't want to put it down. It was sexy, sweet, funny and definitely swoon worthy. I absolutely loved it. Poppy is so much more than initially meets the eye. She's smart, funny, protective and caring. She's guarded-for reasons I won't spoil-but I really liked seeing that part of her. I understood her reasons for acting the way she did (most of the time) and her actions and reactions were incredibly authentic and believable. I truly enjoyed Poppy's journey. Zach? Omg, hello swoon. This man is easily one of my favorite Kendall Ryan book boyfriends. He's so quick witted, so smart. I was drooling the second he rolled up his shirtsleeves...which was very early on in the book. The words that flowed from this character were pure poetry and just so deliciously sweet-and other times so sexy. His brand of dirty talk was one I could definitely be on board with. I loved his sense of self. I loved how he cared for, and about, Poppy. Seriously, I just loved everything about him. These two together have such a fun meet cute that you can't help but smile. There were moments between them that had me chuckling, more than a few that had me sighing, and some that had me fanning myself. The progression of their relationship happened in a completely logical way to me. It worked for them. These two have just such natural chemistry and oh, the fireworks they have in the bedroom-seriously, have a fan ready ;) you'll thank me later. The supporting characters in this book were an absolute blast! Zach's mom might be my favorite book parent, ever. She had me cracking up. Poppy's neighbors were a treat as well; I would love to see these characters again! That being said, they didn't overwhelm Zach and Poppy by any means, they just added a little extra icing on the cake, so to speak. The writing here was sharp and at times oh so sweet. The dialogue between Zach and Poppy? I loved every word. The pacing of the book worked for me. I loved Kendall Ryan's spin on this scenario. It felt new and unique. This is a book I'll go back and reread. I loved xo, Zach and highly recommend it.