It's Just Your Imagination - Revital Shiri-Horowitz

It's Just Your Imagination

By Revital Shiri-Horowitz

  • Release Date: 2017-12-08
  • Genre: Parenting


Have you always sensed something wasn’t quite right in your life, but couldn’t pinpoint the cause?

Have you always felt rejected by those closest to you?

Were you raised by a manipulative mother whose main priority was set on herself?

Were you constantly told by that mother, “It`s only your imagination” when you questioned her?

If the answer is yes, then this is the book you want to read.  

“There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love.”

“Your mother will always love you, no matter what.”

“Whatever you do, your mother will always be on your side.”

We’ve all heard these phrases about motherhood. If this describes the mother you grew up with, then count yourself as one of the lucky ones. If not, this book can help you. It can also help your loved ones understand you and your emotional state.

It`s Just Your Imagination explores what it’s like to grow up with a mother who insists on putting herself at the center of every situation. This book gives you the tools to live a pain-free life if you were raised by a narcissistic mother. This first-hand account of my personal journey offers a vicarious understanding of maternal narcissism and its implications. 

With the aid of supporting psychological studies, you will learn how you, too, can overcome the challenges of growing up in a household driven by narcissism. It`s Just Your Imagination was my mother’s mantra throughout my life. Whenever I confronted her about her abusive and manipulative behavior toward me, she always had the same response: “It’s just your imagination.” If this sounds familiar, I invite you to join me on the journey through grief, loss, understanding, and forgiveness, and to find the healing and personal strength that awaits us at the end of the path.