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  • Release Date: 2019-02-05
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The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success | A Comprehensive Summary

The Compound Effect, also known by its full name, The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success is a self-help book written by Darren Hardy. Hardy is the publisher of a magazine called SUCCESS and in this book he tries to explain how, by making small changes in our attitudes, we can achieve so much. 
What is it all about? 
The author’s main thesis is based on the fact that if a person practices just a small change for a long period of time, there is a great chance that that exact change will soon become a habit. This is what Compound Effect is all about. These small changes in our lives can be things like not consuming food and drinks that are bad for our health, or anything else we can think of. But regardless of what exact change we make, as the author suggests, if this change is continued long enough, it will become a new habit, replacing the old one. 
Also before a person decides what to change that person needs to examine their own present habits, because those habits dictate how that person will behave and live. 
There is so much more that awaits us in this book and to be honest, I am eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead. I have a feeling that The Compound Effect will be a journey that will teach us many new and useful things.  
Welcome to my Compound Effect Review & Summary by Darren Hardy. This book was featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today as a Bestseller. But Darren Hardy is not just an author. He was actually the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine for 10 years before he moved on. He’s also known for being mentored by Jim Rohn (one of my favorite people ever!). 
Hardy talks about how people’s biggest achievements will depend on the small things they do daily. That’s because small daily choices, even though they seem inconsequential, will compound over time. It’s about the idea that small consistent actions over time will always beat big one-off results. Hence we shouldn’t chase big windfall gains or make dramatic changes. We should instead start small, build a habit and wait for the Compound Effect to kick in.
The Compound Effect reviews many examples, case studies and real life stories. By doing this, Hardy drills in the fact that The Compound Effect is always working. You can’t really switch it off. Whether you’re making good choices, bad choices or no choice at all, over time each choice will compound. So the only question is whether you want The Compound Effect to work for you or against us. So if you want to become successful, live a fulfilled and healthy life or want to have a better relationship, you need to start small, start now and do it daily. 
My Opinion Of ‘The Compound Effect’
Overall, I love this book. Darren Hardy explains the concept of the Compound Effect really well. And more importantly, he convinced me that The Compound Effect is already affecting my life right now. Hence starting small and starting now is a must. Apart from explaining ideas and concepts, the book is packed with actionable strategies. As a bonus, the book includes chapter summaries with easy action plans at the end of every chapter.
There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the book. The concepts, the strategies, and the examples all made sense. Also unlike some other books, The Compound Effect was very easy to apply in my own life. It’s also a very easy read which is what I enjoy.
Who I Recommend The Book To
I’ll definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs re-convincing of the power of habits. Because even though habits are so powerful, they’ve become so common sense that we hardly take it seriously anymore. This could be anything from wanting to stick to exercising every day or eating healthy to building a habit to get a promotion at the end of the year or to reach new heights in their business.
On the other hand, if you would like to study the book, continue reading below. I will share my in-depth summary and study notes of The Compound Effect. It’s designed to help you feel like you’ve read the entire book and understand the top key concepts without even actually reading the book. Below I will break down my top 7 Big Ideas from the book.
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