Rage - Bob Woodward

Rage Book

By Bob Woodward

  • Release Date: 2020-09-15
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
From 1,057 Ratings
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Description Book Rage

Rage a book written by Bob Woodward genre Biographies & Memoirs enjoy.

the book Rage was published in 2020-09-15.

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  • Well I knew Trump was mentally ill, this book reinforced it.

    By Totty1229
    Glad he is out, we all know how he mismanagement this pandemic and so much more. The man is insane.
  • I really liked it

    By Matthew D Marcum
    I’m cautious what I read when it comes to books like this, but the fact checking Bob Woodward did made this book to be the truth, I have to admit, reading about all Trump’s antics and quotes, left me angry at times, Trump’s antics were never ending
  • A great book!

    By laithido
    Not all septuagenarians are crazy, stupid, selfish, repetitive to the point of being robotic like the subject of this book! Thank you Bob for executing one of the most intimate portraits of the worst leader we have had in my life time!
  • I enjoyed it

    By Mr.Snowden
    I enjoyed this book and especially getting to read exactly what trump thinks and said off camera. Even though he knew it was being recorded. The author did a great job at reporting the info he received even though trump can be hard to follow.
  • Good Read

    By carbass01
    Very well written. Scary and, unfortunately, believable. Much of it is still playing out.
  • To those who hate this book

    By EHK 21
    Trump and his minions have attacked this book (“fake” they say), but they have not been able to refute a single assertion or quote presented by Woodward that I have seen. Most of it is verified by multitudes of other sources as well as by Woodward’s tapes of his conversations with Trump. Read this book and you’ll see what a horrific President and habitual liar Trump is. It is shocking how Trump has harmed our nation as Rage documents.
  • Great

    By Davidsito6
    So many thing were exposed about the world’s most evil man
  • Beautiful example of how TDS turns projection into art

    By itchy-
    It’s unreal to me how this stuff still sells, but i guess the minds of the sheep are unwilling to break free of the hold they’ve given President Trump. The title of this book alone says it all: “RAGE”, a constant accusation thrown at the president but with little basis in reality, or evidence to back it up. The only rage exhibited is from those who hate the man with every fiber of their being, but lacking justification for this hatred. Is it his policies? Doubt it, they often can’t point to a single one that has the kind of negative effect on the country or the world that any number of Obama/Bush policies had, such as the wars, drone strikes, wall street bailout, 08 crash, etc had, many of which we are still recovering from. There is nothing like that being suffered as a result of 4 years under President Trump. All they have is his personality, which is polarizing, no doubt, but the man isn’t angry, or full of “RAGE”, wuite the opposite, he’s a troll, and a rather funny guy. What we are seeing with the constant claims of the president’s anger, is projection, a common tool of the modern left where they accuse their opponents of the very things they are guilty of, and for some reason it not only works, but is extremely effective, despite the overwhelming examples of them being the guilty party. From everything from 2016 accusations of refusal to accept the results of the election, and then seeing democrats spend 4 years refusing to accept the results, even fabricating “russian collusion” and subsequent investigation, attempting to remove a rightfully elected president from office, and to repair their shattered minds, broken from the shock of his victory. It was their way of coping with such a defeat, as well as covering for their own collusion with ukraine. Now we hear once again that Trump will not step down if he loses the election, and he will not accept the results, while we hear top democrats say joe biden should not concede the election under any circumstances. More projection. Skip this book, free your minds of the rot the establishment has subjected you to with their lies and corruption. This books bog selling point is the “revelation” that Trump was given intel on covid that was much worse, than his portrayal to the public..... that’s it? Of course it was, one of the presidents primary roles is to be a stoic figure to reassure the public in times of crisis. The media sure as hell didnt do this, as they have been trying to panic everyone for 8 months now, despite clear evidence that we have nothing to worry about. The president made sure proplr did not panic, as that would have led to riots, shortages of key supplies, etc and resulted in new problems on top of the pandemic. He did the right thing, but the unhinged cant grasp that. Is President Trump perfect? No, not at all, but he’s not 1% as bad as we are told by the establishment elite. What we are witnessing is the final death throes of a dinosaur, they know they are on the verge of collapse and their monopoly on power is on the brink, trump is merely the bull in the ivory tower tearing it apart and they are desperate to get back in and lock the door forever. Do not let them back in, and certainly do not let grifters like Bob Woodward profit from this garbage. The rage is the lefts reaction to the president, thats their problem, not his.
  • Rage is the One to Read

    By brennansgranmom
    Bob Woodward does not disappoint with RAGE. Regardless of one’s political party there’s no denying the authenticity of this account. If you have ever wondered what “honest” political appointees and high level Government employees really thought about Trump this book is a must There is no denying that Trump has an “unusual “ personality” to say the least. Some might say or suspect a psychological problem. Quite a lot of quotes are from the President himself. Hurry and read up. It’s important to read RAGE before you vote.
  • Should be called TDS

    By Snapdragon 925
    Propaganda by an unbalanced hack.