CDL Exam Prep 2020-2021: A CDL Study Guide with Practice Questions and Answers for the Commercial Driver's License Exam (Test Preparation Book) - Jerry Johnson

CDL Exam Prep 2020-2021: A CDL Study Guide with Practice Questions and Answers for the Commercial Driver's License Exam (Test Preparation Book)

By Jerry Johnson

  • Release Date: 2020-05-20
  • Genre: Study Aids


How to Become a Commercial Truck Driver in Less Than a Week, Even If You Haven´t Studied in Years

You're heading to the office for another day that is inexplicably both mind-numbing and stressful. But the repetitive administrative work, unreasonable deadlines, and aggressive office politics easily explain this dreadful dynamic. Sigh…

Perhaps not so surprisingly, your long drive into work is now a highlight of your day. You pass through some spectacular nature and experience the serenity that comes from being alone with your thoughts. Not to mention, you are a top-notch DJ spinning the best mixes the world has ever heard.

The problem isn't simply this company. You've had other jobs in this role and industry, and it always ends up being the same.

You are so ready for a change, but you have no idea what else there is. After all, this is what you learned and have the resume for. Office jobs seem like your destiny for life.

That's when you catch a clip-on MSN-Money about corporate supply chains and logistics. One of the biggest bottlenecks is increasingly coming from a shortfall in truck drivers. With autonomous trucks still years away from being able to operate independently, truck drivers are in critical short supply.

Commercial Driver Demand:
Growth: 5% per yearCurrent drivers (average age): 55Shortfall by 2026: 175,000
Truck driver? You've never really thought about it, but the money is good, and the lifestyle is definitely a nice change from the ordinary.

A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) enables you to transport cargo and passengers in all sorts of vehicles, be they tractor-trailer, tanker trucks, or buses.

And it doesn't take long to get certified and working. You only need to pass two tests, one written and the other behind the wheel.

A big part of your training can be on your own, learning the legal and technical details particular to driving a commercial vehicle. If you really push yourself, you can process this material in under a week to pass the exam.

Here's a selected sample of what you'll discover in CDL Study Guide:
Checklist to see if commercial driving is for youEverything you need to pass the examsThe biggest safety risk unique to commercial drivingCoverage of every type of commercial vehicle you need to knowComprehensive safety, inspection, and maintenance proceduresThe one thing drivers overlook when inspecting cargo that wastes more time than anything elseThe biggest reasons candidates fail their tests
And much more.

A lot of people might never consider commercial truck driver as a profession. Frankly, it's outside most people's day-to-day experience. But if you like driving, making the switch to a commercial vehicle is a piece of cake.

And even better, you can pass the licensing exams in a matter of weeks.

If you want to get into an exciting new career and pass the licensing exams quickly, then you need this book today!