Headhunter - Kristen Proby


By Kristen Proby

  • Release Date: 2021-04-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 26 Ratings


Things have never been more intense in New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Mafia series… 

As the son of one of the States’ most prominent mob bosses, Shane Martinelli’s always been immersed in society’s shady underbelly. Learning to navigate it and keep to the edges was working just fine until an acquaintance turns up missing, and he fears the worst. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. Luckily, as an ex-special operative, he’s uniquely qualified to track her down and keep her safe. Unfortunately, nobody’s making that easy—not the people who took her nor the woman herself.

Ivie Jordan has led a pretty uneventful life, and that’s just how she likes it. Especially since she’ll be the first to admit that she doesn’t do so well in social situations. She’s a proud business owner, and while she doesn’t have family, she does have a network of people who look out for her. Little did she know that being accepted into that fold came with a laundry list of issues. When the worst happens, and she’s forced to rely on the ruggedly handsome alpha hero who comes to her rescue, she discovers her inner badass—and the sultry vixen on her other shoulder.

Too bad the two of them are literally running for their lives and trying to ensure the safety of those they love. There is way more at stake than meets the eye.

It’s time for the hunted to become the hunters.


  • Wow!

    By audreywk
    This book is the second book in the Martinelli Series. It is about Ivie and Shane one of the brothers in the Martinelli mafia family. Ivie is kidnapped and Shane puts out all the stops to rescue her and keep her safe. This book is another good book by Kristen Proby. Ivie is coming into her own in this book. I loved her and Shane together. That ending though? So when is Rafe/Annika’s book coming out ?
  • One of my top 5 Proby men!!!

    By Crystal 💜📚
    Obsessed. Can I say that enough? Kristen Proby is absolutely nailing this mafia romance. Shane blew me away and I am obsessed. He is in my top 5 all time Proby men! Can we talk about the swoon factor with how he is with Ivie from the beginning. He is absolutely taken away by her and his whole world revolves around her and her safety. Swoon!! This series has been nothing short of amazing!
  • Headhunter

    By Christy74441
    Amazing from beginning to end! Fast paced and great characters!
  • Can’t get enough of this series and the Martinelli brothers!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Can’t get enough of this series and the Martinelli brothers! Ivie and Shane have had a connection for months and have flirted around the idea of each other, but that all comes to a head when Ivie is kidnapped, and it gives Shane the motivation to go after her and keep her in his life for good. As Shane works to not only find Ivie but also find out who is behind her kidnapping, we find out that Ivie is not who she says she is, and we find out her true identity and background. Once rescued, Ivie seems to feel the same way about Shane as he feels towards her, and we find that she isn’t the typical damsel in distress, much like the heroine in the previous book in the series. I was on the edge of my seat when Shane’s compound kept getting hacked into but loved that it gave him the opening to disclose who he really is to Ivie in that he’s not just a mafia boy. This book had me getting whiplash trying to figure out who’s behind Ivie’s kidnapping, and I was shocked over the twist that Kristen gives us with who’s behind it! I can’t wait for the next book – especially after all the back and forth and known feelings between Shane’s brother and Annika! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Page Turner!!

    By Evergreenbrdx
    Ivie has been hiding her old life but when she is suddenly taken she realizes she wasn’t as safe as she thought. When Shane returns from his latest mission he is immediately on the job to find and keep Ivie safe. Can they figure out who is trying to kill Ivie? Shane is determined to keep Ivie safe and soon realizes he needs her in his life permanently! So enjoying this series!!!
  • Oh My!!! wonderful mafia romance

    By threers
    Kristen Proby has romance writing down to a fine art. She blew me away with her small town romance, Cunningham Falls. She had me squealing with delight with her large extended family romance, With Me in Seattle. She now has me on the edge of my seat with each mafia romance she releases. Headhunter is book two in the With Me in Seattle Mafia series. (Great news for me there is more to come.) Headhunter is so much more than just Mafia romance. Shane maybe a member of the Seattle Mafia, but he is also ex-military and OH MY WORD, American version of 007. Unlike the British version, Shane always seems to be prepared. His compound would have and preppier drooling. What has Shane drooling is Livie. They have been talking for months and she has yet to open up about her past. Secrets have away of leaking out. Silence only lasts so long. Get ready for shocking revelations. Be prepared for family reunions gone wrong. Brace yourself for an alpha male on overload ready to do anything to protect his woman. Respect to the female who stands up to him. Who needs the Godfather when Kristen Proby's Headhunter is all that and a horse head isn't needed.
  • Great read

    By tree7404
    This was another wonderful read and addition to the With me in Seattle Mafia story. Loved getting to know Shane and Ivie and catching up with Carmine, Nadia, Annika and Rafe. Getting to see the workings of the mafia and family is great. Ivies background came back to find her and Shane helped her and you got to learn more about Shane and his background. they got to see if they had a future together. Kristen Proby never disappoints with a great story and I could not put this down. I can’t wait to read Rafe and Annika story.
  • Holy Cow

    By Webbhf
    Holy Cow! I was excited to read this story, I knew it would be good, but it blew me away! I love a good character transformation and Ivie’s progression from clumsy, girl next door to certified bad*** was epic. I loved that Shane wanted to protect her, but taught her how to take care of herself.
  • Shane’s path to love

    By Sandyn461
    Well, Shane is yummy! Perhaps a bit infuriating at times, but then so is Ivie. These two have been dancing around each other. This story is gritty and a bit dark. I was taken a back by some of the descriptive violence. It’s a rough road to their HEA with lots of secrets between them.