Beauty and the Beast - Grace Goodwin

Beauty and the Beast

By Grace Goodwin

  • Release Date: 2021-02-04
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 72 Ratings


No one denies the beast.

I am a Warlord. A beast.
An assassin for the Intelligence Core.
Even so, I've been sent to Earth for a simple mission: Find a mate.
I hold no hope. Who would want me? I'm scarred... inside and out. 

But one look at the human beauty and there is no question, she’s mine.
When she is taken from me, I will use all my training to save her from my enemies.
Nothing on Earth—or any planet in the universe—will keep me from her.
She. Is. Mine.


  • Just one whiff

    By LisanneH
    Did I like this version of B&B? Heck yeah. Though I’m not a fan of the Bachelor, this one works cuz, they scent their mate before the show. Quinn is a weather girl taking a long break from dating. Bahre is a scarred Atlan cyborg who gets a whiff of Quinn and it’s an on air declaration. Super steamy and fun. Touch of danger. Bahre is adorbs.
  • Beauty and the Beast : Atlan Style

    By R. Manor
    Grace Goodwin-Beauty and the Beast (Interstellar Brides Program: The Beasts Book 3) What a fun exciting spinoff of the Interstellar Brides series, The Beasts. It almost feel sorry for the producers of the television show trying to have an Atlan Warlord find their mate as a “Bachelor” scenario. This show never seems to go as planned because ....Beasts. They tend to find their mates without the need of a television show, although many of the claiming somehow make it to television, both worldwide and universally. Quinn is a meteorologist for the television station that also hosts Bachelor Beast. She has seen some of the Atlan Warlords and finds herself attracted to one who is significantly scarred, Bahre. Bahre does not expect to find a mate while working on this mission but catches the scent of a certain meteorologist, Quinn, and declares his devotion and “claiming” on all media. Quinn is thrilled but does want to get to know him first. First dates with Atlan Warlords escalate to very hot pretty quickly. Having heard the claiming from media, Cerberus, an evil leader on Rogue 5 plots to kidnap Quinn for himself. This way he gets the retribution he wants against Bahre and gain himself a human mate. Their exciting story takes off as fast as their romance with action, danger, suspense, lots of hot Atlan sex,and many great secondary characters (some favorites we have met in other books). Another awesome book in this series.
  • Always a good story from Grace Goodwin

    By theonewhoistwo
    *Spoilers* Again Grace Goodwin never disappoints with her stories. Every new story in this alien world she created Im more pulled in. I loved Bahre and Quinn. An atlan warlord whos been scarred and a woman who has been burned by men in her past. Bahre has been implanted with hive technology but not by the hive itself. As an experiment to heighten warlords senses from a man called Helion. Quinn is a news broadcaster who in the past has been stalked and terrified of an ex boyfriend. Bahre brings Quinn out of her shell for her to trust again and her to love Bahre scars and all. Quinn starts to fall in love with Bahre then she gets kidnapped by a former enemy of Bahre. Bahre does everything in his power to rescue her including working with Helion. I always loved the stories about the atlans, theyre my favorite aliens. As usual I will continue to read Graces books and definitely recommend them to new readers. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Sounds like the weather is going to be sunny with a 100% chance of steam!

    By Bourbon, Books, and Brenda
    Hot protective sexy beastly alien, beautiful and smart weather girl, declarations of devotion in front of the green screen…YES PLEASE! ***** Rating: 5 stars Steam: 3 flames Genre: Sci-Fi Alien Romance ***** I have been down with the Interstellar Brides program since book 1 and these books have become addictive! This is Atlan Warlord Bahre's story. Once again, the humans are determined to get a Bachelor and the Beast show on air…but they have lost Warlord Wulf and Warlord Braun to their mates before the show even started, and it wasn't to any of the contestants either. This time there is a contingent of Atlan warlords, they are isolated to a floor in the same building they will film and no access to the contestants. Tsk, Tsk silly humans. What are you going to do when the Warlord Bahre scents his mate in the stairwell…and tracks her down in front of a green screen where she appears to be doing a weather segment? Another one great Atlan falls to his knees for his mate…. Literally, as he makes his grand gesture of devotion on live tv. SWOON! Quinn has sworn off men after her last relationship ended with a restraining order, her career in tatters and her ex following her to Florida to stalk her. She is scared and doesn't trust easily but there is something sincere about this scarred and large alien with nothing but adoration in his eyes. Bahre was fantastic! I just adored him. Quinn was strong, but willing to let Bahre in and trust her gut and heart. Now, mind you this one had some pretty hairy twists and turns to the story but as always there is a claiming, cuffs, and a HEA. SWOON again. If you are looking for an entertaining, easy to read, suspenseful page turner of a book with a hot alien devoted to his mate and a strong female, who isn't wishy washy... this book is for you. I think Bahre and Wulf are tied for my favorite warlords now. I totally recommend all the interstellar bride books and especially Beauty and the Beast! Now can Tane have his story?
  • The Title says it all!

    By Madi_Deering
    Once again, the bachelor beast story is back- Bigger-Badder- and Better than before. It’s a refreshing take to see Warlord Bahre deal with the same type of insecurities that women do. Worried that his scars and time fighting have made him too repulsive for a mate, Bahre is in for a shocking and sweet surprise when he meets Quinn. Grace Goodwin has surpassed expectations time and time again, with stubborn and brave brides, and strong but wounded warriors. These Warlords have come to earth to find their mates, and need to remember one thing: Earth women are full of Surprises!