Frostbite - G R Jordan


By G R Jordan

  • Release Date: 2021-04-18
  • Genre: Women Sleuths


An elite ski resort suffers a power failure threatening the safety of its guests. As the residents run supplies between the stricken lodges, a body is found butchered in the snow. Can the Contessa and Tiff discover who likes to truly carve up on the ice?

A fortnight of indulgence turns into two weeks of survival as an avalanche and stormy conditions cut off the exclusive Monte Rosa resort. But as the cold sets in with the power lines down, the Contessa finds out there are more deadly things on the slopes than snow and ice.

Frostbite is the second murder mystery involving the formidable and sometimes downright rude lady of leisure and her straight talking niece. Bonded by blood, and thrown together by fate, join this pair of thrill seekers as they realise there’s no such thing as pure snow.

Watch your back when they only ski on the red slopes!