The Pacific, World War Two - C D Wilson

The Pacific, World War Two

By C D Wilson

  • Release Date: 2009-12-16
  • Genre: Theater
Score: 3.5
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Wendell Fertig is a true WW2 American hero who deserved the Medal of Honor. Please look him up on Wikipedia.

The Pacific, World War 2 novel is historical fiction, loosely based upon American guerrillas who refused to surrender, when the Philippines fell in 1942.

Pearl Harbor, December 7 1941. The American Pacific Fleet is in ruins. U.S. troops surrender in late spring of 1942. Japs beat American POW’S like animals on the infamous Battan Death March. The Japs murdered thousands of the POWS. Some US soldiers refused to surrender and they fought a successful jungle guerilla war for the next three years. This is their story.

Please view:

to see the true story of America’s soldiers mistreated by the Japanese in WW2.

They retreated into the jungle, gathering Filipino men and woman to form a Guerilla Army. As a group, they made lightening attacks on the Japanese Imperial Army. By V.J (Victory in Japan) day, 1945 they had killed over 6,600 Jap troops wounding thousands more. They fought their own style of warfare, without remorse, but those who survived came out mentally or physically scarred for life.

The powerful impact of the horrors of war takes you there as though you were fighting along side these heroes. They experience ultimate victory, yet death, horrific injuries and torture awaited some of them. Their youth was lost as they did things beyond their wildest nightmares to fight an unrelenting, sadistic Japanese enemy.

This novel shows American patriots, whose love of country galvanized them to do remarkable deeds; it is a tribute, well deserved.

Sample paragraphs from The Pacific, World War 2.

Maxwell was a very angry man, so obsessed with hatred, he could snarl at himself. He needed to release it, so he volunteered for every patrol. On each patrol, he would share the names of five men butchered during the sinking of the Hell Ship. He still had his files; he had taken from the Hell Ship.

After an attack, he would go around to the wounded Japs saying; “This is for Sergeant Charlie Frank from California, you helped murder on the Sinyo Maru”. Then he would cut out one of the Jap’s eyes. After, he would go to the next Jap and say the name of the next man on his list. The Japs would scream in terror for mothers, many of them pissed themselves as he slowly moved the bloodied knife from one Jap’s eyeball to the next Jap’s eyeball. He left them one good eye so they could share each comrade’s pain while drowning in agony of torment and suffering. Then he would go around the circle once again to each one and slit their throats.
“The Japanese Army conquered parts of China in the 1930’s. They took the capital city of Nanking in 1937, murdering over 500,000 Chinese POW and non-combatants in the worst atrocity of the Pacific War. They took the POW, tied them to poles, and used them for bayonet practice. The idea was to give the greenhorn Jap soldiers the first taste for blood. Then, they would decapitate them and display the heads on bayonets as though they had a trophy.
Sometimes they got jollies by tying the soldiers up, pouring gasoline on them and setting them on fire. Next, they went after the women and little girls, they gang raped over 50,000, killing most of them. Some of the girls, under the age of ten, so badly damaged by continuous rape, had hips dislocated, so they could not walk.
The remaining guards herded one-hundred and fifty Army and Marine POW into a tunneled air raid shelter; they poured gasoline from several 45-gallon cans into the shelter, and then set the shelter on fire. The men in the front became screaming human torches, forcing those of us at the back to the end of the shelter. We could not breathe. Some tried to escape out the front entrance. Only to be machined gunned by Jap guards.


  • Good book

    By J BIRD FLYA 32
    I thought this book was interesting because of the mix between fictional and nonfictional content. The beginning and the end of the book emotional and satisfying. Although, I don't think I would read the next books because the whole family story is a little too much for me.
  • Funkey Monkey

    By Ciaobabyg
    A litt gor at som parts but stil a good 1!:)
  • Awful book

    By Jofo51
    Horrible book! Takes a small amount of historic truth to run with and create an opinion and agenda. Good amount of gore yes, but most of it unbelievable anyway. Worst anything I've ever bought from iTunes.
  • Best book ever!

    By Solosoldier
    This book had the right emount of love, trust, hope and gore that u never wanted to put this book down! It was so good i stoped playing xbox and red it in one day!!:)
  • World war 2 the pacific

    I thought it was a great book. It really explained the hatred between america amd japan. And how both sides showed the ultimate sacrafice.
  • World War Two

    By Ennis54
    This writing in this book is horrible! A story worth telling for sure, but by a better writer. As compelling as this subject is, I just couldn't get through the second chapter.