The Heroin Diaries - Nikki Sixx

The Heroin Diaries Book

By Nikki Sixx

  • Release Date: 2007-09-18
  • Genre: Music
Score: 4.5
From 1,306 Ratings
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Description Book The Heroin Diaries

The Heroin Diaries a book written by Nikki Sixx genre Music enjoy.

the book The Heroin Diaries was published in 2007-09-18.

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  • Fiction

    By James Sonny Crockett
    I’m on heroin but wrote a book
  • Amazing

    By Ash&Tea2518
    Love This Book It’s Amazing As I’m Battling Addiction I Can Relate So Much This Book Makes A Lot Of Sence.....
  • Mind blowing

    By HaleyK2020
    The absolute best book I’ve ever read. The most raw, uncut, mentally-stimulating book that’s ever crossed my hands. Sickening, yet beautiful; raunchy yet charming, this book is downright wicked in all the best ways. Finished it in 2 days. It’s one hell of a roller coaster ride and you can’t get off until you finish it. Good luck
  • Gripping

    By hoosiercat
    A great read! A lesson in “be careful of what you wish for” and the struggle of exorcising our demons to be truly happy! Kudos to Nikki Sixx for baring his soul and exposing the heartbreak that comes with addiction.
  • Love love love

    By taylrznavymom
    I’ve never done drugs or even tried them but have loved ones battling. This real life story will help you gain insight on some of the feelings and tribulations a loved one might be feeling when going through addiction. It’s a must read!!!
  • I loved it so much y’all.

    By Em'Lee
    I really enjoyed this book. I relate to him so much bc my mother too was abusive and basically gave me to my grandma and then said she took me from her and just the addiction I have. I think it’s one of the Best books. I read it twice. Love Nikki Sixx and his crazy life. Rock n roll and Mötley Crüe forever.
  • Fake Diary

    By holycrap6666
    This story sounds very made up for number of reasons. I don’t think anyone with a raging heroin addiction could write anything this coherent. It seems too convenient that it runs from one Xmas to the next. I don’t believe it.
  • Sixx rocks!

    By Ron4RHCP
    Heroin Diaries is an open-book look into the world of a drug addict. Much to my surprise, Nikki Sixx is not afraid to unveil his most open and dark secrets. Truly a great read.
  • Thank you

    I want to thank Nikki Sixx for being brave enough to share his journey with the world. As a long time psych nurse I have seen the destruction done to individual people and their families. I agree, if one person will change or enter rehab because of reading this, it was worth all the time and effort, but certainly not the pain you endured. I wish you many more years of happiness and sobriety! DMD
  • A Rollercoaster of what Struggle and hardship really means

    By The Plus One
    Nikki Sixx is a living (barely) example of a man who figured life out. He went down every path a man can go down and made it back to tell the tale. Reading this book, for me, was a relateable journey of self realization. And ive NEVER even gone near any drugs except weed. It just goes to show how many people suffer from depression and how many people would do anything in there power to make it stop. As Chris Cornell said, "Love heals all wounds with time" and Nikki proved that with this year in the life diary. Every day he lived through was a struggle and I dont care how happy you say you are, nobody is perfect. Nikki put everything into this and more, he even had his bandmates and friends join in and give their opinions because thats what self realization is about. I think everyone out there that struggles with any form of depression should read this book. I suffered from a deep personal depression that didn't reach anywhere outside of my own head. And to read this book and know that a lot of Nikki's struggles were similar to mine is so comforting. The parallels and connections in this book to me were uncanny. For example, Nikki died on my birthday, and also was married on my birthday. To me that shows that even when a day is remembered as a day of infamy, it can always be replaced and fixed by a day of joy. The real message in this book isnt about drugs for me. Its about life and how to get back up even when your buried six feet deep. When life gets tough, its up to you to turn it around. I believe that is where Nikki was going with this book, and he surely succeeded. Thank you Mr. Sixx for having the courage to not only release these diary entries, but also use them to help people like myself. You are an inspiration, and I honestly feel like I know you after reading this. You are a hero, and I know you'll be glad to hear, this book definitely did help at least one person. Keep rockin', Sixx.