Obama's Wars - Bob Woodward

Obama's Wars Book

By Bob Woodward

  • Release Date: 2010-09-27
  • Genre: United States
Score: 3.5
From 288 Ratings
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Description Book Obama's Wars

Obama's Wars a book written by Bob Woodward genre United States enjoy.

the book Obama's Wars was published in 2010-09-27.

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  • Inside look

    By Goodots
    This is a wonderful look at the inside relationship between the White House and the military. It shows a president who is clearly his own man, very much in control of a difficult situation.We are lucky to have this man in this place at this time.
  • Ummm

    By JB's mother
    Most of the low ratings here are from people who dislike the President not the book. Maybe if you morons took the time to read the book and not just repeat the rhetoric you hear on Fox News you can form an educated opinion. But I forget that ignorant rednecks that still use phrases like "coon" probably can't read. Morons. And for the record Obama has taken less vacation days than both Bush and Reagan since he's been in office so get a clue!
  • Wow

    By Charles Castle
    Thank You Bob Woodward for this Masterpiece. This is the perfect moment to raed this book
  • I Recommend "Obama's Wars"

    By the Glipper
    I am amazed by the one-star ratings for this book; not due to the quality of the book, but hatred of President Obama. By way of disclosure, I am a Vietnam Era four year Navy Vet, consider myself moderately conservative, and not a fan of President Obama's policies. I just finished Reading "Obama's Wars" by Bob Woodward. It was interesting, mainly about the infighting that goes on during and behind the White House strategy meetings. I was surprised at how far the Military is willing to go to try and circumvent the President --- not a "Seven Days in May" scenario, but surprising nonetheless. It makes me think that that perhaps we need a stronger, more credible, President that can slap down the Military --- when needed --- before we get more Vietnams.
  • Obama is so cool!

    By ReadSpeed
    He's the best president ever!
  • Mount Rushmore

    By Jamdung
    Never have you witnessed a president work this hard and put in so many hours. His total focus has orbited around what was best for the country, despite being hounded daily. At the end of his second term I will submit the bill to have his image carved in the side on that mountain.
  • Obama Wars

    By Illinois Bob
    I rate this book Four and one half stars. This book gives much in site in to the U. S. President Obama's challenges and frustrations in day to day administration life when dealing with high profile government and military managers. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to study are government in action. I thought this was going to a negative Obama story, but it really turned admirable. I am glad I read it and thank the author and team for there detailed contribute.
  • Solid Journalism

    By Cut And Print
    Woodward does a good job gathering views from the many different players in the Obama administration. He pits Obama's inexperienced quest for a unanimous way forward in Afghanistan against the hardened opinions of his military generals. I would hardly categorize this as a pro-Obama book. He appears handcuffed by his desire to create a considered, educated strategy to the point of being unable to act--- perhaps afraid to make poor decisions. In the end, the decisions the administration makes is an exercise in frustration-- because without a strategy that includes a Pakistani solution, a positive outcome in Afghanistan would seem unlikely. This realization comes as the war plows forward with small successes that likely won't amount to a military victory-- leaving the question -- if a win in Afghanistan is unattainable without a sustained 10-year American commitment to the region (politically unsustainable)-- exactly what are we fighting to achieve? On that count, the book is sobering. However Woodward's lynchpin is one single July 2010 interview with the President, in which Obama comes across- at times- as pointing his finger and making excuses. I don't feel like he got enough time with the president for this project. Somehow the book feels incomplete, and may have been best served to wait to include the administration's full review of the war due in December of 2010. This book is not an easy read. And the ridiculous and at times racist comments in the other reviews are not a fair representation-- or worthy of Woodward's impressive research.
  • Worst president ever......and you people are stupid.

    By mhthompson86
    The title says it all....oh and the idiot who says that all presidents are puppets unless they want to get shot like JFK is just that....an idiot. This country is getting worse every day. This author uses information and leaves other information out to paint the picture he wants you to see just like every other author and journalist no matter where their political views lie. So you people out there who want to care, stop letting other people tell you who's bad and who's good and figure it out for yourself.
  • Obama's Wars

    By Nav 84
    Excellent study of all the significant players prosecuting a very difficult war in modern times.