Soldier - Grace Burrowes

Soldier Book

By Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2011-06-01
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 416 Ratings
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Description Book Soldier

Soldier a book written by Grace Burrowes genre Historical enjoy.

the book Soldier was published in 2011-06-01.

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  • Strong Showing

    By davidson_23
    Not as strong as The Heir despite sharing some plot and characterization similarities. I did enjoy the continuation of the series as the family is very interesting. Devlin and Emmie are most certainly a very suitable match.
  • Solider

    By MHCounselor
    A story about love that brings the reader an understanding that life is not perfect and we all make mistakes. Not a story about mucho men winning the love of someone through brutality. An enjoyable read. Look forward to the next in the series.
  • The soldier

    By Judiiebee
    I couldn't put it down, just like Ms Burrowes previous book. I can't wait until her next one, The Virtuoso is out.
  • Loved it!

    By App_Junky
    Author seems to be getting better and better! This is her second book and it surpasses her first (which I loved) in so many ways...the characters had more depth and there were some unexpected bits here and there. The author is a master at creating heroes that captivate the reader (or at least me!) I can't wait for the next one (The Virtuoso) but how will the author ever top The Soldier??
  • Mediocre

    By Rightintwo27
    I was disappointed reading this book. I loved The Heir and I was very excited to dive into The Soldier. However, I wasn't impressed. There wasn't much to the storyline, it seemed to all revolve around this one issue of mother and child and because of that it inevitably dragged on in several chapters. This story lacked depth. I didn't understand either why the author chose to make the mother Emmie, so dumb. The reasons for them not being together made no sense and honestly aggravated me, I felt like they were just coming up with excuses that didn't fit
  • ...the soldier...

    By Smaily86
    Great book by one of my new favorite authors. Look forward to new books to the two wonderful ones Ive read. The soldier was a lovely second to the Heir. However, my heart falls for the innocent love that rose between the lovers in the Heir. The heir was just so much more passionate, I can't really explain it in worlds...but I am truly in lie with these two books and I can not wait for another.
  • Hard to put down

    By Syko Dr
    It was so hard to put down this novel. Everywhere I went I wanted to keep reading. I am in awe of this author, as she brings to life stories that could have very well taken place I'm history. I was craving more to read as the novel drew to it's conclusion.
  • The Heir

    By JulyBrownie
    This book was a good read. It wasnt what i was expecting, but i liked it enough to be curious about the soldier, but not sure if ill read that one yet.
  • Marvelous story

    By lindainspring
    i love to read about men and women together, especially their day to day concerns as that is what my life is like. In this story the words flow along and charmingly sweep you into a really, really great story than floods your heart with wonder, love, sympathy and tears for the suffering. The people are so sweet and caring and funny, I laughed outloud several times and went back to reread the passage for the wit and exaggerations. The suffering is stunning and comes so close to reality it will make you cry, you will feel the hugs and tenderness the characters show each other, the author's words are like a paint brush painting you into the the story that is a fully realized technicolor world. There is a small amount of explicit sex that seemed appropriate to the story, I wish more was left to my imagination, as a suggestion is all my active imagination needs. But I could never fault what was written. Don't miss this treat of a book, it is so very, very well written.