Red Mist - Patricia Cornwell

Red Mist Book

By Patricia Cornwell

  • Release Date: 2011-12-06
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 1,248 Ratings
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Description Book Red Mist

Red Mist a book written by Patricia Cornwell genre Mysteries & Thrillers enjoy.

the book Red Mist was published in 2011-12-06.

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  • Red mist

    By Nenufart
    Cornwell, as usual, excells in the creation of plausible characters and in entangling them with one another in complex muti-dimensional relationships. Scarpetta's skill and self confidence as a forensic pathologist,and indeed as an italian chef, are welcome counter points to the darker neurotic guilt-ridden side of her personality, and make her a very acceptable heroine. The plot, however, operates on too many fronts and becomes unmanageable, so that resolution can only be achieved by unlikely coincidences and a rather heavy handed deus ex machina. If it were not for this, and the rather tedious and unnecesarily detailed description of scientific proceedures, i would have given another star. I hope I am not being too picky, but Cornwell has set her own high standards. Nenufart.
  • Red Mist

    By bartlettmom2
    Red Mist doesn't disappoint!
  • Nana bunnie

    By Bunnienanna
    As always Cornwell delivers. Taking reader through a ride that you don't know where you will end up!
  • Red mist

    By Mom3016
    Red Mist is very good read. Enjoyed it!
  • Does Kay ever have fun?

    By marmi7
    P. Cornwell, I hope you read your reviews. Could you consider giving Scarpetta a happy side? It would give your devoted reader a break from her constant angst. She is perpetually angry and in perilous danger, and altho we realize a good book needs a good problem, for Gawd's sake, I want to see Kay have a bit of fun!(Cooking eggplant parmesan does not constitute good fun, don't even try....)
  • Is Scarpetta ever happy?

    By ToothieLee
    I know she is just a character in a book but I can't stand her. This author has made this character into a know it all who can't seem to get along with anyone and always has the last word. I used to read all her books and picked up Red Mist to give her one last try. I won't waste my money on her next one.
  • Suspenseful

    By SJSteph
    Enjoyed this! Continuation from Port Mortuary. Kept me glued to the book from beginning to end. Recommended for Scarpetta readers.
  • Unimaginative and Boring

    By thetylerone1
    I'm a big PC fan and have been for many years, but I could not get through this book. I am so disappointed. I finally realized at page 300 that it was not going to improve, so I stopped reading. Lame plot.
  • Terrible

    By R frasier
    One of the most contrived, poorly written books I've had the misfortune to read in some time.
  • Middle of the road

    By Tlmreader
    Well,,,, better than her last few books. Not jumping all over and switching subjects so suddenly that you had to check and see if you turned too many pages or skipped a paragraph or two by accident. My interest was held better but it did not live up to her earlier works in suspense and cannot put it down category. Hopefully Ms Cornwell is getting back on track.