Billy Penn's Guitar Set Up Guide - Billy Penn

Billy Penn's Guitar Set Up Guide

By Billy Penn

  • Release Date: 2011-09-27
  • Genre: Music


Have you ever wanted to set up and maintain the playability of your guitar by yourself? Did you ever wonder what a tech does when you take your guitar in for a "set up"?

Well now the answers to your questions and all the steps are laid out in my Guitar Set Up Guide. My guide contains all the information you need based on my 20+ years of experience as a guitar tech. It also answers many questions that you may have asked yourself about intonation, adjusting pickups, cleaning your frets and so forth. To help you better understand the set up process I have included many detailed photos as well as instructional videos showing you how the set up is done.

I wrote this Guitar Set Up Guide for guitar players who want to set up and maintain their own guitars and for the player who just want to know this information so they can relate to their techs. All the content is geared for the very beginner to the advanced player. I receive dozens of emails per week asking a wide variety of guitar related questions and now the answers are incorporated in one comprehensive guide. Questions such as:

"How far away should the pickups be from the strings"?
"Which way do I turn the truss rod adjustment to straighten my guitar's neck"?
"What is the easiest way to clean the frets on my guitar"?
"I've tried to intonate my guitar but it still doesn't play in tune. Why is this"?
"To increase sustain I should adjust my pickups as close as possible to the strings, right"?
"What do I do if the bridge on my guitar doesn't have a way to adjust the intonation"?
"Is there an easy way to remove all the strings on my archtop guitar with a floating bridge and quickly get it intonated"?
"I find it difficult to adjust the truss rod on my guitar because the adjustment is at the heel. Is there an easy way to do this"?

And many more...