On Becoming Babywise: Book II - Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

On Becoming Babywise: Book II

By Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

  • Release Date: 2012-12-01
  • Genre: Parenting
Score: 3.5
From 35 Ratings


You’re at least four months into your tour of parenting, and the complexities of child training are starting to multiply. While your baby is growing physically, his mind is adapting with ever-increasing awareness to new sights, sounds, sensations and relationships. He can now interact with his material universe with greater attentiveness. Watch out: big changes are coming to his world and yours!

Preserving the order and structure that brought security to your baby’s day, peaceful sleep in your baby’s nights and stability in your home is still the priority, but now it must be viewed through a new developmental lens. For example, feeding time is more than a biological response initiated by a baby’s sucking reflex. For the five-month-old, meal times become a complex and conscious interaction between him and his parents, food and drink, preference and need, likes and dislikes, must dos and won’t dos!

This is also when waketime behaviors and responses start to fall into the categories of safe or unsafe and right or wrong, and will either be encouraged or discouraged by Mom and Dad's reactions. Training to encourage right behavior and discourage wrong behavior will become the focus of Mom and Dad’s attention over the next seven months. All those feeding, waking and sleeping times provide numerous built-in opportunities for displaying parental wisdom, guidance and patience. Babywise II is here to help you in this crucial time.


  • Dangerous book

    By JoyfulJay
    This book gives dangerous advise, esp about breastfeeding. Many babies have been diagnosed as dehydrated and failure to thrive to the horror of the mothers following the advise of this book.
  • Less than 0 if I could

    By Ki'i Girl
    I would never recommend this book to anyone I know. I was given this book as a gift and at my first reading of if I thought it sounded reasonable enough. Who after all wants a spoiled child that calls all the shots, aren't routines what a child needs? And there in lies the issue - children and toddlers often thrive on routine, infants are often very different. What works one week may be totally different as your infant reaches a new milestone or is working towards a new development or growth spurt. This book is rigid, and on further research on e authors outright dangerous. My copy promptly ended up in the trash (sadly not before it left me doubting myself as a new mother and my young son crying himself to exhaustion). Do yourself a favor, listen to your inner momma voice it's right more than you give yourself credit for, and stay far away from is awful book.