Barbarian Days - William Finnegan

Barbarian Days Book

By William Finnegan

  • Release Date: 2015-07-21
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 585 Ratings
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Description Book Barbarian Days

Barbarian Days a book written by William Finnegan genre Biographies & Memoirs enjoy.

the book Barbarian Days was published in 2015-07-21.

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  • Lifelong surfer

    By elijahmaui1
    I’ve been surfing in Hawaii from now on 45. The book is a slow read but very interesting especially if you are a surfer
  • Old school aventure

    By macmqq
    A well written surf adventure, showing the good and the bad times in life in amazing places. As I surfer and soul traveller, I really loved this book.
  • Barbarian Days

    By Shawn Hines
    Excellent read.....could not put it down...left me feeling sad that I’d finished reading the many ways related to the authors experiences and in awe of the life he’s lived so far. Remarkable man....remarkable life. Thank you Mr. Finnegan for sharing your life with me!
  • What a great adventurous life!

    My first ever E Book, loved this, I am not a book reader, however I have read a few in the past 10yrs The art of Racing in the rain, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk This Barbarian days is my all time fav!!! I sup surf and have been to many of the spots William talks about, so rad!!! I was just surfing for a week at K181 that he mentioned and read about 1/3 if the book at this spot, camped on the beach, so incredible! VanDogCEO is my IG
  • Excellent

    By Kat1959 22
    I loved the writing style. I’m not a surfer, but enjoy reading surf books. I learned a lot about different waves. I found myself looking up words I did not know and places as well. I felt the writer really opened himself up, I especially liked the parts about his parents.
  • Great read for the adventurous

    By (>^_^)>$<(^_^<)
    I am not a surfer nor even a particularly strong ocean lover. That said, Barbarian Days for me was a less a book about surfing and more a book about pursuing your passion and dreams to the very fullest. I recommend the book for those who love adventure and have a zest for all that life can offer in all its mysterious ways.
  • High School, revisited

    By Celosostars
    Good story, and an easy read. Moved right along. However, if you're looking for literature, this will not be your stop. Cormac McCarthy's prowess it does not possess; Donald Ray Pollock's power of storytelling, it is not. I suppose, in short, it read like a high school essay. Choppy sentences, reckless characterization and, at best, serves as an airplane companion piece. The fact that this won the
  • Great ride, great read

    By Economan1
    I've body surfed a lot and wished I'd learned to surf. Now I know what it's like. Terrific book.
  • Conflicted

    By Skodonnell
    I really enjoyed this book. I liked the stories of discovering surf spots like Tavarua, Maderia, and OB before they got crowded or transformed. I also believe Bill tried to stay honest in his experiences both in and out of the water and it was refreshing in a world where surf stories can be a bit like fish stories. But here is the part where I felt conflicted by this story. Towards the end, as he is living in New York he airs his frustration of how surf culture has become incorporated into our society but isn't that what he is partaking the by writing this book?
  • Literary Tuberide

    By Rodonisle
    The words, story, places and times all hit me like the personal backwash of my own life. But even youngsters who never sat in the lineup can marvel at the quality of the prose and vivid palette of images that immerse the lucky reader in the life of a world girdling surfer, a surfer that is also a a world class writer.